Nova SuperPak Multi Pattern Strobe Kit

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Nova SuperPak Multi Pattern Strobe Kit
Nova Superpak Multi Pattern Strobe Kit

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This is a built it yourself system. Just choose bulb color and cable lengths. Yes its that simple....

The SUPERPAK 90 watt power supplies are the heart of a truly effective strobe warning system. The multiple flash patterns of the SUPERPAK, from double flash to quintuple flash, provide the high intensity light bursts that make any emergency vehicle easily visible in the worst weather conditions. Count on the SUPERPAK as a reliable workhorse to power two to six strobe heads, directional or 360 degree, for any vehicle that needs to be clearly visible during bright sunlight conditions or inclement weather. The SUPERPAK features 32 flash patterns, a variety of selective switching modes, and comes in 90 watt model. With thousands of field proven units installed and a rock solid 5 year warranty, the smart choice is the dependable SUPERPAK906 strobe power supply for the heart of your warning system.


  • Microprocessor controlled double, quadruple, quintuple and MEGA flash standard
  • Multi-voltage input standard 10 to 30VDC
  • 32 Flash patterns
  • Tube De-ionization circuit to prolong flash tube life
  • Over-voltage/absent flash tube protection
  • MOSFET circuitry for cool and quiet operation
  • EMI/RFI Filtering
  • High/Low intensity control
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Input surge protection
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States of America
  • AMP Mate-N-Lock connectors - industry standard
  • Mounting hole locations and connectors match Whelen UPS and SPS series for simple field upgrade
  • Field-replaceable, 15 amp, automotive spade-type fuse
  • Anodized aluminum base plate and cover


  • Model: SUPERPAK906
  • Outlets: 6
  • Outlet Power: 106.2 Watts (906)
  • Output Energy: 74.4 Joules (906)
  • Input Voltage: 10 to 30VDC
  • Input Power: 106.2 Watts (906)


  • Length: 6.6"
  • Width: 5.5"
  • Height: 2.6"

4 Stars
Superpak Review
Let me first start out by mentioning that I had no experience with any strobe system before I ordered this product. I have vehicle wiring and electrical knowledge, but not in regards to strobes or strobe systems. This is a very easy to install system. Tedious, yes, but sufficient patience and moderate mechanical skill will leave you with great results. If you are a first time strobe installer like myself, please be aware that this is not an LED system. It's stated clearly in the product description, however the overwhelming factor is that you need to be VERY careful of the strobe tubes themselves. If you grab them wrong, they break. If you drop them, they break. If you glace a blow off the headlight or taillight while installing, they will break. I've throw away 3 perfectly good strobe heads because of how fragile they are and I'm a very patient installer. The wiring is very simple. The cables plug into the strobe heads and subsequently into the controller. The only real "hard" wiring you have to do is the connect the controller to the battery. The nice thing is that there is a fuse directly on the controller, so you don't have to wire an inline fuse and you can easily replace a fuse if necessary. I would absolutely recommend the Nova Superpak Standard Switch with Plug & Play Harness (SWITCH SW-6). You plug the switch into the Superpak controller and hardwire the switch to the vehicle battery, and you're set. Doing it this way does not give you option of switching patterns, but I don't care that much. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of five is because of the Superpak controller. Heads 1 & 2 are separate from 3 - 6, however the odd heads pulse opposite of the even heads. Say you want to separate your front heads from your rear heads like I did because I often like to run the rears only. So the rear heads (1 & 2) are contained, but they still pulse opposite. Basically, in order to separate the rear (in my case) heads from the front, the rear (1 & 2) will flash alternatively between left and right, which I don't care for. If heads 1 & 2 are separately switched from 3 -6, then I think 1 & 2 should flash together, then 3 & 5 can alternate with 4 & 6 on the second switch. This is not a deal-breaker as I think this is solid 4-star system, given all the overwhelming positive comments I have in regards to installation. The use of it is very easy as well with the aforementioned switch.
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Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh, PA. on 4/28/2017

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