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Tomar Scorpion Super LED Lightbar

Tomar Scorpion Super LED Lightbar
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Price $799.99 
Model 970L
Manufacturer Tomar
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TOMAR's new 970L ScorpionTM lightbar maintains the rugged structure of Tomar's previous line of lightbars but with a low profile modern look. With extruded aluminum housing, cast aluminum end caps, and optical Lexan light modules the 970L lightbar is built to last. The 970L lightbar includes many scalable features such as 3 or 6 LED front and rear warning modules, 6 or 12 LED corner modules and your choice of halogen or LED take down and alley lights. With this much versatility you are sure to find a configuration that meets your budget and performance needs.


  • Easy to maintain hermetically sealed lamp modules, changeable by removing only 2 screws.
  • Potted controller and waterproof wiring standard.
  • Front/Rear modules available in 3 or 6 led versions, Corners modules in 6 or 12 LED
  • Take downs in your choice of 70 watt halogen, 140 watt halogen or High intensity LED
  • Fully programmable flash patterns via wires or 940L-DCP, digital version available.
  • Integrated traffic director functions standard on all full size bars, however you must purchase the modules in the rear of the bar to use this function.
  • Optional on-board traffic preemption emitter.
  • Available in 21", 26", 35" 44", 49", 53", 58" and 67" lengths
  • STT lights available on 49" and larger bars.
  • ICC lights available all length bars.

This is a build it yourself lightbar.  The base bar includes the 4 corner modules each with 6 LEDs per modules.  All other modules will have 3 LEDs per module.   You can choose the Takedowns and Alley lights of your choice below.  These bars are based on a  49 or 53 inch lightbar. 

If you need a custom configuration or have any questions please contact us.  Our sales staff will be more than happy to go over the bar and options with you.

To View A Video of the Scorpion Lightbar Click Here

Click Here to see Application Photos of the Scorpion Lightbar 

Click Here for the Scorpion Install Guide 


Available Options:
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Passenger Side:
Alley Lights:
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Front Inner:
Front Center:
Rear Outer:
Rear Inner:
Rear Center:
Rear End:
Takedown Lights:
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Tomar Scorpion Super LED Lightbar
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