Whelen 2 Piece Inner Edge® XLP Low Current, DUO+™ Upper Front Inner Edge

an artwork by  Whelen
Whelen 2 Piece Inner Edge® XLP Low Current, DUO+™ Upper Front Inner Edge
Whelen 2 Piece XLP Low Current Duo Upper Front Inner Edge

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XLP LC® (Low Current) DUO™ Super-LED® Upper Front Facing Series Six or twelve extra low profile 6-LED DUO modules LC Inner Edge's mount on Chevy Caprice, Suburban, Tahoe, Silverado; Dodge Charger, Ram 1500; Ford Explorer, Police Interceptor Utility, Taurus/Police Interceptor Sedan, Fusion and F150/250/350.

Inner Edge XLP LC (Low Current) DUO, extra low profile 6-LED upper front interior lightbars have features are similar to the WeCan version, but with low current (LC) switching, low power, and includes Super-LED® lightheads and mounting hardware kit. With six or twelve 6-LED DUO Color LEDs lighthead modules, it's like having two lightbars in one. DUO Inner Edge Series lightbars give you complete independent programming control of each individual lightheads warning color (Red, Blue or Amber), plus you can turn your entire lightbar into a take-down light. This take-down mode is controlled in groups of 3 White DUO lightheads (White being the default second color.

Like all XLP Inner Edges, with their tiny 3/4" profile, the XLP LC DUO version fits snugly against the windshield, providing much more visibility and headroom for the driver, while virtually eliminating flashback.

All Inner Edges have these common features:

  • Full featured interior lightbar that is virtually undetectable when not in operation.
  • Designed to blend with vehicles existing interior.
  • Easy installation. Front facing models mount to visor anchor points and rear lower facing models use the existing child-restraint brackets.
  • Super-LED lights are low current, vibration and moisture resistant for reliable long life operation.
  • Scan-Lock™ provides selectable multiple flash patterns.
  • Requires customer supplied switches or control head, purchased separately.
  • Super-LED take-down lights are available on front facing lightbars.
  • Order by choosing the desired housing model, and then add LED lighthead colors.
  • Available in four safety colors.
  • Five-year warranty on LEDs.
  • Includes vehicle specific mounting hardware, for the ideal fit.

XLP LC DUO Upper Front Forward Facing Features:

  • Complete independent control of “On" or “Off" and flash pattern of each individual DUO warning lighthead.
  • Phase control of each lighthead, with four phases that allow for alternating, simultaneous and combo flash patterns.
  • Multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns.
  • Red/White, Blue/White or Amber/White DUO colors with White as the default second color.

Choose from two configurations:
1. Six 6-LED DUO lamps, upper front passenger side unit only with Low Current.
2. Twelve 6-LED DUO lamps, upper front two piece unit, individual driver and passenger side units with Low Current.

Available Models

Chevy Impala PPV (Old Body Style) 2014-2017
Chevy Caprice 2011-2017
Chevy Tahoe/Suburban 2015-2017 & Silverado (1500/2500/3500) 2014-2017
Dodge Charger 2011-2017, Dodge Ram 1500 2011-2017
Ford Explorer 2011-2017 and Police Interceptor 2013-2017
Ford Fusion 2013-2017
Ford F-150 2015-2017
Ford Taurus 2011-2017 and Police Interceptor 2013-2017
Ford F-250 and F-350 2012-2017
Dodge Durango 2013-2017
Ford Expedition, 2013-2017

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