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Whelen 600 Series Strobes

Whelen 600 Series Strobes
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Model 602000-U
Manufacturer Whelen
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A mid-sized directional, linear strobe lighthead with new stepped internal optics for improved light output at wide angles

  • 600 Series are easy to operate and easy to install, simply choose the light source then pick the mounting style.
  • High intensity warning
  • Soldered-in strobe tubes and improved gasket material assures greater vibration and moisture resistance
  • Strobe tubes are parabolically centered within a highly polished reflector for maximum light output.
  • Linear strobe tubes carry a two year Gold Medallion warranty
  • Optional mounting configurations meet all your specific needs: chrome-plated or black polycarbonate trim ring.
  • Available in all 5 safety colors
  • Mounting options are purchased separately Certifications:
  • KKK 1822-E - Federal Ambulance Specification, Upper & Lower Zones
  • CAC, Title 13, Article 22 (red, blue and amber lightheads)
  • SAE J1318 - Gaseous Discharge Warning Lamp for Authorized Emergency, Maintenance, and Service Vehicles (May 98) Class 1, Class 2, Class 3
  •  NFPA 1901 - (1999 Edition)


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 Whelen 600 Series Strobe | 602000*R


 Black Flange | 6FLANGEB


 Chrome Flange | 6EFLANGE


 Replacemnent Strobe Tube | 6ELTUBE