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Whelen Dominator Plus 8 LINZ6 Super LED

Whelen Dominator Plus 8 LINZ6 Super LED
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Price $770.99 
Model DP8*
Manufacturer Whelen
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Dominator Plus packs twice the light output into the same compact package as the original Dominator. Dominator Plus features super bright LINZ6 Super-LED lightheads housed in a rugged aluminum housing. Compact enough for special-use vehicles, motorcycles, quads and marine applications, this small but powerful Dominator is the solution to your unique warning light requirements.


  • Incredibly bright LINZ6 Super-LED modules.
  • Two, four, six and eight light flashing arrays.
  • Internal self-contained electronics.
  • Fully encapsulated, fully waterproof.
  • Molex waterproof connectors.
  • Seven Scan-LockTM flash patterns and a steady-on mode.
  • Small diameter 4 or 6 conductor #20 AWG wires.
  • Slide bolt mount, standard.
  • Optional suction cup, "L" bracket, swivel bracket, or upper rear window mounting bracket kit for 2008 Chevy Tahoe.
  • Dominator pairs may be synchronized to each other or to other Whelen synchronizing products.
  • Low profile aluminum extrusion.
  • Self-contained electronics.


• Size: 1-3/4" (44mm) H x 2-3/16: (60mm) D x 7" (178mm) or 14" (356mm) or 21 (533mm) or 28" (711mm) L.

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Whelen Dominator Plus 8 LINZ6 Super LED
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