2019 Calendar Contest

Submit up to two of your best images for review. We do not guarantee your image will be used but if your image is chosen, we will send you a $50 coupon credit good for one year. This printed calendar will be featured during our Black Friday blowout, so get your images in ASAP! Email your image to anyone of our sales team personnel or email [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, location, make/model and product details! Due to the heavy volume of submissions, we can not alter your photos.

Any submissions that do not abide by the stated requirements will be deleted with no advance warning. This includes videos.

Deadline for submission: October 22, 9 am

Requirements for Submission

  • Up to two images that showcase products we sell
  • Photo Size (minimum): 13” W x 10” H
  • Minimum resolution: 180 dpi (300+ is best)
  • Include the name/model of the product, your name and location, and make/model of auto if applicable

Helpful Tips

  • The best setting would be ‘Landscape’
  • Make sure your lens is clean, the image is in focus, and try to center the subject(s) in the viewfinder
  • Try to avoid too much blank space, choose an interesting background

Good Examples of Composition