Carson Electronic Air Horn Systems - Street Legal*

Carson Electronic Air Horn Systems - Street Legal*
HPK-150 System
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The HPK electronic "stutter" air horn systems were developed to enhance POV light packages by offering a legal audible warning solution to volunteers that work in states that do not allow siren use in POV's.
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These loud and legal* audible warning solutions give you the sound and switching options needed for the POV market. This is a great option in states that don't permit volunteers to operate sirens. Our electronic air horns give courtesy a boost. Compact, affordable, and easy-to-install, this professional grade system combines the power of a simulated Air Horn with auxiliary light control to provide the attention you need to make it quickly and safely on scene. Just another way Carson is helping volunteers to RUN SMALL, SOUND BIG and ARRIVE SAFE!

HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn Waterproof Electronic Air Horn Amp

  • Compact, 100 watt amplifier
  • Waterproof
  • Legal* for POV use *Please consult your local/state vehicle codes to ensure compliance with vehicle horn regulations.
  • Electronic Air Horn Sound
  • Maybe connected to vehicle horn ring or separate switch (customer supplied)
  • Power indicator light for diagnostics
  • 5 year no hassle warranty

SP-200 Switch Panel

  • Easily switch between standard vehicle horn and louder, more powerful "stutter" air horn
  • Illuminated rocker switch for up to 15 amp capacity auxiliary light control
  • Simple, easy installation to amplifier and vehicle horn

CSP-100B Basic Speaker

  • Ultra-compact for versatile installation on any vehicle
  • 100 watt, 11 ohm
  • Black alloy magnet steel shell
  • Universal mounting bracket included
  • 1 year no-hassle warranty

HPK-150 System Includes: HA-150 Waterproof Air Horn Amplifier, SP-200 Switch Panel, and CSP-100 Siren Speaker

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