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Feniex Typhoon 100W Siren

an artwork by  Feniex
Feniex Typhoon 100W Siren
Feniex Typhoon 100 Watt Siren

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Clear the road and ride the wave with Feniex's latest. Introducing the resilient, sophisticated and versatile Typhoon 100 Watt Siren.


  • 100W
  • 21 programmable Siren tones
  • 6 Auxiliary outputs (3.5A)
  • Auxiliary buttons programmable as on/off or momentary
  • Integrated 2 output wigwag capability (for lights)
  • All in 1 unit (no external relay)
  • Full-Function: Rotary switch and included mic
  • Handheld: Integrated microphone, buttons 1-7 are for siren tones and are programmable as momentary or on/off
  • Air horn, park kill, Radio rebroadcast capabilities
  • LED back-lit buttons
  • Volume control
  • Legend sheet included
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Includes dash mount bracket
  • Made in the USA


  • Warranty 2 years
  • Dimensions: 7.4" L x 4.84" W x 2.53" H
  • Controller dimensions: 4.78" L x 2.65" W x 1.2" H
  • Certifications SAE J1849, SAE J1119
  • Mic Cable Length: 15 Feet
  • Voltage 12VDC
  • Max current draw: 20A


  • Warranty 2 years
  • Dimensions: 7.4" L x 4.84" W x 2.53" H
  • Controller dimensions: 6.77" L x 2.43" W x 1.21" H
  • Certifications SAE J1849, SAE J1119
  • Mic Cable Length: 2 Feet
  • Voltage 12VDC
  • Max current draw: 20A

2 Stars
I typically use the big name products for my installs (Whelen, FedSig, SoundOff, etc.), however I have used several Feniex 4200 Mini Controllers and Triton Speakers, all with excellent results. Ordered this controller (full-feature version) for a volunteer firefighter's new pickup and I am quite disappointed. Giving it 2 stars only because the price is great for a six output controller and siren together. First impression is that it is a fairly solid product however the mic looks cheap and had a major rattle in it, which was easy enough to fix by taking it apart and placing a few small pieces of 3M tape to hold the actual microphone still. Upon powering it I noted it WILL NOT automatically power up like the 4200 Mini does, thus you have to manually turn it every time you start the vehicle if it is wired to an ignition circuit (this is personally the biggest disappointment). Next, once you connect the cable to the control head it is nearly impossible to remove (required a pick set to get the RJ45's tab depressed to allow removal of the cable. Third, the holes that were supposed to be in the top of the control head to allow the user to change siren tones and adjust PA volume were not present and required disassembling the control head to modify these settings. I guess the good news is the I haven't found a reason to disassemble the actual main box, yet anyway... Finally, the Bad Boys theme song, which was in the instruction manual, is missing from the actual siren tone sequence. Assuming this is probably a copyright issue, and I did not need the tone, but just FYI if you were wanting it.... Overall it works, price is good, but sadly disappointed after being so pleased with the 4200 Minis Note From Strobes N More: When this customer and others contacted us about the holes missing on the top of the unit we immediately contacted Feniex. They replaced all stock with had with the issue and were told that any customers that contact them of go thru us will have new units shipped immediately. If you have not received a resolution please contact us.
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Reviewed by:  from Elkview, WV. on 11/17/2017
4 Stars
Volunteer EMS
This is specific to the Handheld version. First, I love the idea of the handheld controller, it allows me to have a siren installed in my vehicle but not have it functional by removing the handheld yet a pushbutton can still use the air-horn. Keeps the clutter factor down in my car when I am not active. I used this for the first time yesterday while doing a prolonged multi-state escort and as far as the siren and option switches they performed as expected and I am happy with the basic functionality of the system (I have a grill mounted Feniex Triton speaker). However, there are what I would consider design flaws in the handheld controller. 1. The power switch is way too easy to inadvertently turn off the power when gripping the controller, especially if you are gripping it with your right hand and go to activate the first siren button, it is almost impossible not to have some part of your hand over this power switch doing that. They need to recess the switch or put molded fencing around it so it requires a deliberate action to turn on/off this switch or they need to relocate the switch. 2. Likewise, when gripping the controller the Switch #6 (and possibly #4 which I do not use) is too easy to press with a part of your hand when gripping it in your right hand and going to select a siren mode with your thumb. I found myself repeatedly inadvertently turning off this switch. 3. The brightness of the backlighting cannot be adjusted and is, for me, far too bright for nighttime use. There is no way I could have this mounted within my field of view and have it on at night because it would be too distracting. Likewise, the contrast level between activated and non-activated switches is insufficient and requires a slightly longer glance to "study" the switches to see which are on and which aren't.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Chicago Burbs. on 10/7/2017
5 Stars
I purchased the handheld unit to install on my SUV, after a coworker's recommendation. I'm very satisfied with the performance so far. It's a great option for those looking to maintain a "low profile" installation. Also, very satisfied with how quickly the item arrived from Strobes N More. Will certainly return for additional equipment. Thanks!
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Reviewed by:  from New Jersey. on 10/31/2017
2 Stars
Unit was great for two months, The unit shorted out the controller became very hot and stopped working. I contacted Feniex it took two days to get back to me. I have been installing only there products. The unit did not come with the holes punched out on top to change the siren tones. They are a solid company I hope this is an isolated incident.
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Reviewed by:  from Darien. on 1/24/2018
5 Stars
Great little unit! Easy to install and use!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Littleton. on 12/28/2018
5 Stars
I really like this item. It's very convenient to have all of my lights and siren in one compact controller. I installed it in a 2018 Dodge Charger
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from ohio. on 9/8/2018

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