Brooking 49" Torrent Dual Color Lightbar

Brooking 49
49" Torrent Red/Blue, Take-Downs in Front, and Alleys w/Amber Traffic Advisor in Rear
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SHOWROOM DEMO Never Installed - Ready to Ship. We are revamping our display and updating products.  These have been on the shelf and are new bars but with older manufacturer dates.  All bars have full warranties.

The Torrent is packed full of Xtreme linear LED modules for maximum wide angle output. An extruded aluminum chassis provides rigid support and shock absorption without sagging / bending, while the low profile design reduces wind resistance.

Please note a Full Size Lightbar is shipped by itself.


  • Available in single color models.
  • Single color modules: 6 LED
  • Take-down modules: 6 Halogen
  •  Alley light modules: 3 Halogen
  • 3 progressive warning modes
  • Directional traffic control functionality
  • Low profile, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Extruded aluminum chassis provides strength while also aiding in heat dissipation
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate lenses: UV Stabilizer is injected into the PC during manufacturing, resulting in superior resistance to environmental effects (yellowing, cracking, etc.)
  • Point to point wiring from I/O board to light modules allows for easy maintenance or reconfiguration
  • Water-tight design: Water ingress is thwarted via strategically positioned weep holes and lens gaskets
This Torrent Lightbar Includes:
  • Four LED Corner Modules
  • Six 6 LED front facing Warning Lights
  • Two Halogen Take-Downs in front
  • Two Halogen Alley Lights
  • Six 6 LED rear facing Warning Lights
  • Amber Traffic Advisor Lights in rear


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