CenCom CORE Amplifier Control Module

CenCom CORE Amplifier Control Module
CenCom CORE Amplifier Control Module
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Whelen is redefining control systems with CenCom Core. With the greatest configurability, speed, and expansion yet, CenCom Core is a system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation and remote connectivity.

WeCanX™ is the smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system we've ever engineered. Providing true system synchronization, greater speed capabilities, expanded peripheral add-ons, and full support of diagnostics, WeCanX is designed for optimal situational awareness programming.

• Access every connector and fuse from the top of the box
• Supports remote firmware updates through USB-C with Whelen Command or over-the-air with The Whelen Cloud Platform™
• Supports up to 99 WeCanX devices -the most ever in a Whelen control system
• Support multiple Whelen peripherals of the same type on the same vehicle
• Meets all applicable SAE and California Title XIII requirements with various Whelen speakers
• Five year warranty

12 logic inputs
1 ignition power-up input
4 analog inputs
17 total inputs

2 15A outputs
4 10A outputs
16 2A outputs
1 dry contact relay
23 total outputs
Max output current: 100
Flashing outputs
Every output across the system can be synchronized

1 ethernet connection
1 WeCanX™ connection
2 CANport™
1 USB-A host
1 Micro SD card
99 remote modules

Battery voltage sensor
Temperature sensor
3 axis accelerometer sensor

Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI) Patterns and Tones (Patent-Pending)
Gradually increase or decrease the output intensity within a flash pattern or tone.

Tone Synchronization
Sync amplifiers together
Sync tones with lights (Patent-Pending)

Supports diagnostics

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