Federal Signal 53" Allegiant Amber Lightbar

Federal Signal 53
Federal Signal Allegiant Serial Lightbar with Six Button Controller
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Designed to keep you safe on the road, the Allegiant includes 28 high performing, attention-getting flash patterns, built-in SignalMaster, and impressive flood light capabilities.
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*This bar we typically stock but it is considered a Special Order item.

This bar is only available in all Amber - Flashes Amber all around and incldudes front flood override, rear worklight override, alley and bed lights.

This Allegiant promo bar is available in traditional cable (discrete) or Convergence Network (serial) models. The discrete version features front/rear control, two modes of operation, low power mode, flood lights, work lights, alley and bed lights. The serial models offer all the features and options of the discrete with the addition of cruise mode and a 6-button controller with 6 pre-programed keypad configurations and arrow stick function.

Standing a mere 2" tall, the Allegiant light bar is packed with Federal Signal exclusive technology and options to provide a superior multicolor warning. Designed to keep you safe on the road, the Allegiant includes 28 high performing, attention-getting flash patterns, and impressive flood light capabilities. Exclusive to Federal Signal, the SpectraLux® multicolor LED technology provides the ability for a LED light source to change color while in operation. The SpectraLux tech on this ALGT model allows for amber warning light to change instantly to a full front flood or rear flood with switch activation. Built with Solaris® LED reflector technology, the Allegiant light bar is engineered to significantly increase off-axis warning and maximize the LED light source. ROC technology minimizes potential failure points in the light bar — replacing wires, connectors, and assemblies with PCB assemblies to reduce labor repair time.

Please note a Full Size Lightbar is shipped by itself.


  • Low-profile, dual color, linear light bar
  • Solaris® LED reflector technology
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology
  • SpectraLux® multicolor LED technology
  • 28 Built-in flash patterns
  • Hook mount included (other mounting options available)
  • Five-year warranty
  • Choose between Discrete or Serial
  • Amber all around (solid Amber corner modules)
  • Alley Lights, Work Lights, Flood Lights and Bed Lights included
  • Allegiant Serial is sold with the Multiple 6 Button Controller Key pad configurations to choose from. See Install Guide pages 6-8


  • SAE Class 1
  • CAC Title 13


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C
  • Current Draw: 11 Amps
  • AMP Draw: 22 Amps
  • Cable Length: 25 Feet
  • Dimension: 52.7 in (133.9 cm) x 11.2 in (28.4 cm) x 2.0 in (5.1 cm)

Federal Signal Six Button Controller is included with the Allegiant light bar. The six-button programmable serial controller is an innovative light bar control module and features (6) illuminated push-buttons and a (3) position slide switch. The six-button controller incorporates power programming for a quick and easy flash pattern and keypad configuration selection. Each six-button controller comes with a variety of pre-programmed keypad configurations. Each keypad configuration contains between 1 – 3 flashing modes, each producing one of (10) distinct flash patterns easily changeable from the keypad. Enhanced functionality lets the user take advantage of all the light bar has to offer, including built-in directional signals. Additional light bar functions include front and rear cutoff, takedown and alley lights, front flood, work lights, bed light and low power mode.

Optional Lockout Feature
The six-button serial controller has been designed with an optional lockout feature. Once the desired keypad configuration and flash patterns have been selected, a permanent lockout feature can be enabled to place a “lock” on the power programming feature securing the programmed keypad configuration. (Once “locked”, the controller must be sent back to Federal Signal to be “unlocked”.)

Simplified Installation
Federal Signal’s Convergence Network product’s plug-n-play cable connection system makes installation of the six-button
serial controller quick and easy.

  • An alternate to the interface module with separate controls for the lightbar
  • (6) illuminated push-buttons and a (3) position slide switch
  • (18) pre-programmed keypad configurations for Integrity®, Valor®, CN SignalMaster™, SpectraLux® ILS and Navigator
  • Includes a built-in lockout feature
  • Three-year warranty
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC
  • Dimensions: 2.9" W x 3.2" H x 1.1" D - 2.0" with switches
  • Ship Weight: 0.29 lbs

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