Feniex Quad Converter

Feniex Quad Converter
Feniex Quad Converter
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The Feniex Quad Converter is needed if you are NOT purchasing a Full Size Lightbar. The Feniex Quad Converter is a digital to analog converter that takes the 2 pin digital wire that exit Quad devices and converts them to 28 programmable functions that exit the Quad Converter. The converter offers 2 Tact Switches that allow you to cycle pattern and color direct from the converter. The Converter can connect up to 8 Quad devices.

The Feniex Quad is the world's first 4-color emergency warning lighting line and the brightest in the industry. User programmable in red, blue, amber and white, the Quad offers endless customization while remaining competitively-priced. At Feniex Industries, we've seen the future. The future is one option for every first responder and construction site and one sku for every fleet manager. The future of safety comes in four colors and covers every application. The future is Quad.

QUAD Converter 1: How does the converter work? from Feniex Industries on Vimeo.


  • 15-Programmable Color Settings: Single, Dual, Tri & Quad

  • 15-Color Programmable Rear Traffic Advisor: Left, Right & Center-Out

  • 4-Programmable Cut-Off Modes: Front, Rear, Driver & Passenger

  • 4-Programmable Flood Modes: Front, Rear, Driver, & Passenger

  • 15-Programmable Flash Patterns for Front & Rear Flashing

  • 4-Color Programmable Cruise Modes: Driver & Passenger

  • 3-Programmable DOT Functions: Stop, Turn & Tail Light

  • 3-Programmable Brightness Levels: 10%, 50% & 100%

  • 4-Programmable Priority Flashing Modes for Front & Rear

  • Programmable California-Red Mode: 20 Different Positions

  • Built in Pattern & Color Section Switch for Ease of Use

  • Easy Field Serviceability with Plug-&-Play Connectivity


  • Current Draw: 1 Amp

  • Cable Length: 1 Foot

  • Input Voltage: 10-18 Volts DC

  • Dim: 1” H x 2.6" W x 4.1" L

  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Made in the USA: Austin, TX

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