Earn REWARD POINTS on Every Online Purchase.

Enjoy Reward Points, our exclusive incentive program. Simply create or log into your profile and start shopping! You will receive 1 reward point for each dollar spent. Save up points to redeem on any product of your choice.


  • You must Create an account and be logged in to accrue, view, and/or redeem points (If you do not create an account or log into an existing account, no points will be awarded)
  • Entire product point amount must be accrued in order to purchase that product (no partial point payment)
  • Dealers, Resellers, and 30 Day Accounts are not eligible for Reward Points
  • Some products such as our wire by-the-foot, full size lightbars and other made-to-order items are not included in the program
  • Only purchases made online via the website will eligible to receive Rewards Points.
  • Points cannot be used as payment for shipping

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You can view each product's point amount under the description on the product page. These are the points you receive when you purchase that particular item. You will also see the amount of points that particular product would require to purchase, or "redeem."


You may view the amount of points you have accrued on your account page. You can review the point details and also shop according to the point value of each item by hitting the "Redeem" link.

Feel free to call us with any questions regarding this incentive program, we're always happy to hear from you!

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