Sound Off Mpower 4x2 Dual Color LEDs

Sound Off Mpower 4x2 Dual Color LEDs
Sound Off Mpower 4x2 Dual Color LEDs
Part Number: EMPSA05
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With the versatile style and function of our original mpower silicone lighting came the need for a slightly larger, more powerful lighting solution. Introducing the mpower Fascia 4x2 light.
  • Single, dual or tricolor capabilities
  • Collaboration with Dow Corning® to develop ClearDuty® optical design
  • ClearDuty® silicone molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses
  • A smaller footprint with maximized candela output
  • Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking
  • Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light
  • Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time
  • Compatible with the ConfigureIT system for easy light progamming
  • ECE R65, R10.05 certified

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