SoundOff Dual Color Lightbar with Swtich/Siren Combo

SoundOff Dual Color Lightbar with Swtich/Siren Combo
SoundOff Signal nFORCE LED Lightbar front
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SHOWROOM DEMO Never Installed - Ready to Ship. We are revamping our display and updating products. These have been on the shelf and are new bars but with older manufacturer dates. All bars have full warranties.

This bar is a Red / Blue with Flood in front and Amber with Take-Downs in rear. It also includes a SoundOff Signal 100W nERGY 400 Series Multi-Function Siren Push-Button.

An innovative solution that combines next generation design with attention grabbing performance. Gone is the boxy police car design of yesterday. Say hello to the bold new looks of today’s police vehicles. With its minimized size, aerodynamic design and accentuated shapes, nFORCE ® took its visual cue from the sleek appearance and body styles of today’s new police vehicles.We know that getting home safely to your family is what is most important to you. That’s why nFORCE® delivers much more than great looks. Nexus Technology provides powerful forward facing and off-axis illumination to optimize traffic control while keeping you safe and secure.

Please note a Full Size Lightbar is shipped by itself.


  • nFORCE LED Lightbar modules are dual color for maximum functionality
  • Inboard modules are dual color 12 LEDs
  • Corner modules are dual color 24 LEDs
  • Lightbar white LED’s are capable of providing a full 360 degrees of intense scene lighting
  • Discrete rear-arrow control modules can be combined with warning colors for maximum functionality
  • Dedicated 6 LED takedowns and 3 LED alley lights are standard
  • Windows based PC application simplifies programming and enhances configurability and control
  • Use of PC application in conjunction with SoundOff Signal sirens simplifies install with “plug and play” RJ45 capability; save configuration time and enhance configurability by directly mapping siren buttons to lightbar functions
  • Console Sirens feature eight auxiliary buttons for one-touch programming and a three-position slide switch to allow convenient switching for the most frequently used warning modes
  • Button Console Siren features a four push button switch
  • Features an eight-second buzzer alert to notify users that the level or auxiliary buttons are activated
  • Horn ring scroll provides ability to quickly change tones with the tap of the horn
  • Provides up to nine 10 amp and three 20 amp outputs with internal fuses for powering solenoids (i.e. gunlock) or supplying power and signaling to other onboard peripherals (printer, radar, GPS, etc.)
  • New switch panel graphics integrate with the interiors of newly designed vehicles
  • Dimmable red LED backlighting
  • Cabling setup is the same as 380R Siren Series allowing for easy swap-in

This nForce Includes:

  • 2 End Modules in Red/White Dual Color 24 Diodes per module.
  • 2 End Modules in Blue/White Dual Color 24 Diodes per module.
  • 6 Forward Facing Inboard Modules (3 Red/White Dual Color & 3 Blue/White Dual Color) 12 Diodes per module.
  • 6 Rear Facing Inboard Modules (3 Red/Amber Dual Color & 3 Blue/Amber Dual Color) 12 Diodes per module.
  • 2 LED Alley Lights (1 on each end)
  • Includes SoundOff Signal nERGY 400 Series 100W Multi-Function Push Button Siren Console Mount.

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