Whelen Liberty II SOLO Lightbar

Whelen Liberty II SOLO Lightbar
Whelen Liberty II WeCan Lightbar
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*This is a Special Order Item and is non-returnable.

Redesigned and reinvented for exactly what your fleet needs, the new Liberty II builds on the Liberty's reputation for excellent reliability and performance.

Please note a Full Size Lightbar is shipped by itself.


  • WeCan Bars required a WCCP WeCan Control Point or Whelen Device with WeCan Capability. 
  • WeCanX Models Require a CORE Controller to operate.
  •  Newly designed all LED lightbar built from the ground up for superb reliability and performance
  • Aluminum top shield stays cool, protects the lightbar from nature's elements and directs heat away from internal components
  • Center divider(s) with LIM (Liquid Injection Molded) wiper seals assure lightbar integrity in all conditions
  • Hard-coated lenses keep the lenses looking new year after year by minimizing environmental damage from the sun, salt, and road chemicals
  • The I/O board snaps into brackets. Point to point wiring between the I/O board and each lighthead creates a clean look and allows for easy reconfiguration
  • 48" models have one piece UNI-DOME construction with a single sealing point. Each dome slides onto the aluminum extrusion and wraps around all internal components
  • Color filters are available for single color module for complete customization
  • Whelen's exclusive Collimator™ patented design captures, collects and focuses light for unbeaten light output
  • Advanced Thermal Design “ATD" reduces the stress on LEDs when dwell time is extended
  • Plug and Play into the CenCom Sapphire™, CanTrol® controller or vehicle manufactured controllers
  • Height without mounting feet is only 2.8"
  • Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty
This Liberty II Includes:
  • Four Super LED Corner Modules
  • Four Additional forward facing Super LED Warning Modules (Six in 54 inch bar)
  • Two 3-LED Take-down Modules
  • Six Rear Facing Warning Modules (Eight in 54 inch bar)
  • Two Alley Lights

*This is considered a Special Order item and is non-returnable.

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